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> 3D Animation & Art Direction > NFTs > @talktimeband x @m0dm0d

> L.A. indie-pop duo TALK TIME released their 2021 EP ⟢ Necessary Evil ⟣ with an accompanying genesis NFT collection “CryptoMusicBox”.

> @m0dm0d contributed to this NFT collection, where a selection of artists gave their own interpretation of a modern day "music box", inspired by a song from the album. @m0dm0d was assigned "The Waters".

> CryptoMusicBox is a series of digital, physical, and augmented reality (AR) collectibles, with only 32 music boxes (editions) available for each song.

silverfoil_m0dm0d copy.jpg

> @m0dm0d also created a bonus special edition NFT for the track "Through the Door".

For more info on the project, visit:

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